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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Ángel Di Maria signs with Juventus on a free transfer

El Fideo is here, and he’s already sharing little hearts and smiles.

Juventus New Signing Angel Di Maria Medical Tests Photo by Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

Ever since Juventus’ interest in Ángel Di Maria was first reported, we knew it wouldn’t be a long-term deal. That’s because the guy, for as talented as he still may be, is 34 years old and is pretty much operating under the assumption that he is going to end his career back in South America, thus creating a small window in which Juve can operate in.

But, as of Friday, he’s here.

And he’s ready to roll, with his cup of maté right at his side.

Juventus has officially announced Di Maria’s arrival on a free transfer, giving the club the first half of what is a big weekend for players who will be signing with the club on free-agent deals. Di Maria, fresh off a lengthy run with Paris Saint-Germain, joins Juventus on a reported one-year deal worth €7 million net, giving him the kind of platform to both help the Bianconeri’s attack as well as personally be more prepared for the World Cup in November.

Just as he did during his heyday at Real Madrid, Di Maria will wear the No. 22 shirt, which was left open after Federico Chiesa switched from No. 22 to No. 7 earlier this month.

The official announcement of the deal, courtesy of Juventus’ website:

A player that needs little introduction.

A world-class forward, capable of scoring exceptional goals, but also able to coordinate the entire frontline, often sending his teammates through on goal.


He is one of the players to have set up most goals in Europe’s top five leagues since the beginning of the decade. His 131 assists put him behind only Thomas Müller on 149 and Lionel Messi on 174.

Sprinting down the wing he makes the ball sing, turning defenders inside-out with his lightning speed and turn of foot, elevating the quality level on the left flank to that of pure poetry, enchanting every time he lights up the game with a spell-binding flash of skill.

Never known to hold back, he gives it everything he’s got: talent, acceleration, toil, commitment, class, charisma - and, of course, heart, as he shows the world every time he celebrates.

He is Angel Di Maria. And he is a Juventus player.

Bienvenido, Fideo!

Bienvenido, Fideo indeed, my friends.

We have officially gotten Juventus’ first incoming transfer this season. And with the way that negotiations went, that might not have always thought to be the case. As much as the Paul Pogba negotiations were pretty much a step-by-step process and progress reportedly made every time the two sides talked, the long and drawn out process of convincing Di Maria to come to Juventus was about the opposite. There were days where it looked like a sure thing, while other days appeared from the outside looking in that there were doubts. Plus the simple notion of having to wait weeks for Di Maria’s ultimate decision on whether Juve was the right spot for him this upcoming season.

Then the breakthrough. And the decision.

Maybe not that decision. But it was a big decision nonetheless.

And now Di Maria is here. It will probably only be for one season, but with so many attacking players to replace and Juve’s best winger coming back from a serious knee injury, Di Maria most certainly fills a need. It doesn’t matter if it’s a top stop-gap move, it’s a solid signing and Juventus can certainly say that having a winger of Di Maria’s caliber is definitely a welcome addition.