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Reports: Paulo Dybala finds his new club after accepting Roma’s contract offer

He’s coming to Rome. He’s coming to Rome.

AS Roma vs Juventus FC - Serie A Photo by Claudio Pasquazi/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Monday has picked up right where late Sunday left off, giving us a major piece of news even though the player involved has technically not been a Juventus player for almost three weeks now.

As first reported by Sky Sport Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio and now subsequently courtesy of just about every major sports news outlet in Italy, former Juventus striker Paulo Dybala has found his new club. It’s ... Roma. Yes, it’s Roma, with the two sides agreeing to a three-year contract that will see Juve’s former No. 10 earn up to €6 million net (bonuses included). Dybala’s agent Jorge Antun and Roma had lengthy talks Sunday, with confidence growing in the ranks that the 28-year-old was going to accept the offer.

And what do you know — Roma now has one of the biggest names remaining on the free agent market heading to the Italian capital and Juve’s former vice captain now has a new club.

Clearly seeing Federico Bernardeschi sign with a new club before he did was enough for Dybala to get things into gear and find his next employer. (There is absolutely nothing out there to suggest this and is in total sarcasm, so don’t take this as fact and embrace the banter.)

Dybala had been in talks with Inter Milan for weeks and it seemed like a certainty that he was heading off to call the San Siro his new home before talks between the two sides broke down around the same time Romelu Lukaku made his return to the club in late June. As Inter moved out of the running, the rumors of Roma getting into the fray seemed almost too good to be true, according to our blog friends at Chiesa Di Totti. Instead, it was a total guessing game as to who would be the club that would get Dybala next.

Turns out, Roma got him — and seemingly out of nowhere, too.

Of course, there is a Juventus tie in to all of this besides the fact that Dybala played the last seven seasons in Turin: what happens with Nicolo Zaniolo. Does this mean Roma has found a replacement for Zaniolo in Dybala? Or is Roma manager Jose Mourinho planning on Zaniolo staying at the club this coming season and is about to team the young Italian with Dybala in what could be an explosive attacking tandem in support of Tammy Abraham as long as everybody is healthy?