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Juve reportedly begin process to terminate Aaron Ramsey’s contract

Time to get those No. 8 jerseys with Ramsey’s name on the back while you still can.

Juventus v Atalanta Bergamo - Pre-Season Friendly Match Photo by Sportinfoto/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Over the course of the last 10 or 12 months, Juventus has attempted to find an out for Aaron Ramsey. There have, however, been two rather large sticking points — a player who makes that much money probably doesn’t want to leave, and a player who has barely played due being injured and subsequent poor form isn’t exactly the most desirable asset.

Ramsey found a way out in January — but only temporary, with a loan move to Rangers not becoming a permanent move and therefore starting this cycle all over again.

According to Goal Italia’s Romeo Agresti, Juventus has made contact with Ramsey’s representation and initiated talks when it comes to attempting to find a mutual resolution his the Welshman’s contract. Ramsey, one of Juve’s highest-paid players at over €7 million net a season, couldn’t make enough of an impact during his loan spell over the second half of the season with Rangers, with the Europa League runners-up not taking up their option to buy him this summer. That could have been Juve’s out, but instead that option is pretty much not possible now and trying to get any kind of transfer fee for Ramsey on the open market looks to be as good as gone.

As Agresti puts it, a contract termination “seems like the only way” for Juventus to fully get Ramsey off the books this summer.

This seems to be the only logical remaining step for Ramsey when it comes to his Juventus career. We wondered if it would happen last summer, but nothing truly materialized. Max Allegri’s attempt to try and get something out of Ramsey — remember those preseason friendlies when he was playing as a regista? — before he ultimately got injured again and buried on the depth chart.

We all remember the big stat that came out around the midway point of the 2021-22 season where Ramsey had played more minutes for the Wales national team than he had for Juventus. And those could end up being the last minutes that he plays for Juve.

And who could really blame Juve’s management for trying to cut bait at this point?

Of all the signings that they have made over the last four or five years, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Ramsey is up there towards the top of the flops list. Not only has Ramsey been paid a ton of money since signing with Juventus, the return on said massive annual salary has truly been quite minimal. (Say what you want about Adrien Rabiot, but at least he stays healthy and is available for selection much more often than not.)

So here we are. Waiting for developments about Ramsey having his contract terminated. It’s the only logical step left in what has been a terrible three-year run for the player and the club that obviously expected so much more from him. It seems only a matter of time before he’s cut free, doesn’t it?