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Reports: Max Allegri doesn’t want Fabio Miretti to go out on loan next season

Well this is suddenly a turn for the better, isn’t it?

Juventus v SS Lazio - Serie A Photo by Sportinfoto/vi/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

As much as Juventus’ end to the 2021-22 season was anticlimactic, it provided the opportunity for arguably the club’s brightest young prospect to get a handful of much-anticipated starts against Serie A opposition. And even at the tender age of 18 years old, young Fabio Miretti didn’t show that the moment was too big for his inexperienced shoulders.

Instead, he was one of the more memorable things from a final month most of us probably have already mostly forgotten about.

According to reports from Italian transfer reporter Nicolo Schira and La Gazzetta dello Sport’s Luca Bianchin over the past couple of days, Miretti’s performances to close out the 2021-22 season has convinced Juventus’ management — namely manager Max Allegri — that he’s ready to be kept around next year. That means, according to both reports, Miretti has a place on Juventus’ roster for next season barring any kind of major developments over the summer. And while that may be a big-ish caveat to some, the fact that Juve are reportedly betting on Miretti now rather than just seeing how the summer transfer market develops is a huge indicator to just how Juve appear to view Miretti and his future.

Schira also added that three Serie A clubs have already shown interest in signing Miretti on loan for next season, but Juventus’ intention is to keep him on the roster.

Miretti, who was just called up to the Italian national team’s camp ahead of the Azzurri’s June set of games, made his first-ever senior level start against Venezia. It was from there that Miretti, a member of Juve’s youth academy since the age of 8, showed in a four-game sample that playing at this level is something that wasn’t going to overwhelm despite still being a teenager. Miretti, in all, probably had just one game that you would truly consider sub-par, in Juve’s season finale against Fiorentina. But in those first three matches, it was pretty easy to see why Miretti is such a highly rated player and possibly the best to come out of Juve’s academy in years.

If Miretti is to stick around next season, it would be a stark contrast from what has been regular practice for Juventus with much of their youth players who even show the slightest sign of potentially being part of the senior team one day. There wouldn’t be a loan to a mid- or lower-table Serie A club after making a few appearances for Juventus. There wouldn’t be the reliance on other clubs to help him develop and give him playing time.

Instead, Miretti would have the chance to develop right at home and do so for a midfield that is certainly in transition. There are bound to be openings to fill — whether it’s Arthur, Adrien Rabiot, Aaron Ramsey or maybe even West McKennie. Promoting Miretti to a full-time member of the senior squad would solve one of those problems, and be a low-cost solution on top of it all.

And as Juventus looks to spend money elsewhere, isn’t a low-cost move always one to be welcomed?