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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Juventus unveil 2022-23 home kit featuring new-look stripes

There are lines, but not exactly smooth or a look from before.

As you can see, Lisa Boattin is thrilled to pose for a picture with the new jersey. (She’s posing. We know. Don’t get mad at us.)
Juventus Women on Twitter

Over the past handful of years, the unofficial tradition has been for Juventus to roll out its home kit for the next season with a few games left in the current one. That has meant, a lot of the time, Juve’s worn said kit in some important games, be it during Scudetto celebrations or in cup finals like against Atalanta just last season.

This season there will be no grand roll out in a cup final.

Instead, it comes after a controversial Coppa Italia defeat and during a time in which what the team is wearing next season is secondary to who will actually be wearing said kit.

On Friday morning in Italy, we got to see the official home kit for the 2022-23 season after plenty of rumors and leaked images that might have made you cringe in the same fashion that some of the refereeing decisions at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome did on Wednesday night. Juventus’ new home kit still has those black and white stripes, but there’s a very noticeable change in design, which has been described as “incorporating eye-catching and innovative graphics, which take their triangular shape from the same geometric figure that is an integral part of the architectural structure of the stadium.”

Juventus Women will be the squad to debut the new home kits first, sporting them in their Serie A Femminile season finale against Milan on Saturday. Two days later, the Juve men will wear their new home kits for the first time in their home finale against Lazio on Monday night, the last time Giorgio Chiellini and Paulo Dybala will play at the Allianz Stadium as Juve players.

Well, there you have it, folks. There’s Juventus’ new home kit. And it’s ... Alvaro Morata sporting it in the release video. (Which, as you might think, is rather interesting considering that Morata is very much not a lock to be a part of next season’s squad. Or, because he is a part of this, is he now?)

With the triangles within the stripes an ode to Allianz Stadium, the selling message is that it’s “designed to bring you the magic of the Allianz Stadium, and with it the bond of being part of the Juve family every time you wear it,” according to Juve’s official website.

Some probably won’t see it that way.

At first sight, I know it makes me think of the jerseys that Juventus sported during the first season at Allianz Stadium when the stripes were very much not smooth. (That kit was made by Nike, these are obviously from Adidas.)

It will take a little bit of time to get used to the stripes looking this kind of way, both in terms of the triangles and the fact that they don’t look as solidly black as they usually do. But hey, as we say all the time, maybe once we see them on the field they’ll grow on us and the feelings on them will improve. Maybe.