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The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 88: Dusan Vlahovic is taking charge

The final week of February brought us more Champions League knockout rounds frustration — although not a loss! — and the continuation of Dusan Vlahovic’s early success in a Juventus jersey.


As Juventus continue to deal with injuries right and left, the show has gone on.

Luckily for us, we didn’t have to talk about a Juventus loss this time around. Or even a result that felt like a loss — which, for some of us, is very much welcomed compared to the alternative.

What we do have to talk about is very obvious. Yes, more than just injuries even though that could be an hour-long rant about why (we think) they keep happening and just how absurd it is to have nine different players out at the moment.

Juventus, injuries and all, is still very much alive in its Champions League Round of 16 tie against Villarreal. Juventus, too, is very much in command when it comes to the race for a top-four finish thanks to Saturday’s win over Empoli despite all of those injuries. Both games saw Dusan Vlahovic score a goal — which is something all of us can get used to.

Not a total flop of a week, right?

On this week’s episode of The Old Lady Speaks, we discuss:

  • Takeaways from the week that was — including Max Allegri’s search for a consistent starting lineup (again), Juventus might be seeing some grinta in the squad returning and this team is still kinda-sorta still in the Scudetto race after all of the issues that have gone on this season.
  • A look at the current Champions League situation after last week’s 1-1 draw with Villarreal.
  • Further confirmation that injuries are dumb.
  • Further confirmation that Dusan Vlahovic is a cyborg.
  • Thoughts on Juventus’ win over Empoli, one where Vlahovic was really, really good.
  • Twitter questions — including ones about why Juve’s injuries keep happening and what a future formation could like and why that’s difficult to think about with so many uncertanties going into this summer.

You can listen to Episode 88 of The Old Lady Speaks here:

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