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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Juventus name first members of new board of directors

We have names!

Maurizio Scanavino, general director of Juventus FC,...
Maurizio Scanavino, general director of Juventus FC, gestures prior to the friendly football match between Juventus FC and HNK Rijeka.
Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

The day after Christmas brought the beginning of a new era of sorts for Juventus.

The club announced on Monday that the first five names that will be part of Juve’s new board of directors have been finalized. Some of the names are ones that we heard about in the first couple of days after former president Andrea Agnelli and the rest of the board of directors abruptly resigned, while a few others are ones that are likely to be new to just about everybody out there.

The names are:

  • Fioranna Vittoria Negri
  • Maurizio Scanavino
  • Gianluca Ferrero
  • Diego Pistone
  • Laura Cappiello

The two names that stand out the most are two of the three men on the list and ones that have basically already taken roles at Juventus since the initial board resignations. Ferrero was the man who Exor, Juventus’ main holding company, tabbed as the one to replace Agnelli as team president, while Scanavino was almost immediately named director general following the board resignations last month.

The other three names — Negri, Pistone and Cappiello — are ones who are new to those who have been following — or at least trying to follow — what has been happening over these drama-filled few weeks.

The 48-year-old Pistone has been somebody who is a veteran of the Fiat Group and has been involved sales and commercial networking and management control. Negri is considered a top expert in auditing financial statements and risk control, according to TuttoJuve, and has 35-plus years of work in the business auditing field to her name. Cappiello is a legal expert and member of the Avvocati di Milano with loads of experience working with big companies in Italy.

As is the case with Ferrero, these new names have long-standing business backgrounds — which seems to be a core requirement for much of the new board of directors considering what the club is currently being accused of by the Turin Prosecutor’s Office and how much of a hit the last two fiscal years have been.

Juventus has a shareholders’ meeting set for Tuesday and as well as on Jan. 18 in which these names will be finalized and likely other members will be named to the board of directors.