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The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 129: World Cup final, Arsenal friendly thoughts

The World Cup in Qatar has officially come to an end with arguably the best final any of us have ever seen. And that means that we’re just that much closer to Juventus coming back into our lives.

Argentina v France: Final - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Photo by Ercin Erturk/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

It’s official, folks. The 2022 World Cup is a thing of the past.

May we remember it for the good things. May we certainly remember it for the bad things. (Namely, where it was held and everything that took place ever since it was awarded to Qatar.) And may we remember that the team that ended up winning the whole damn thing opened the tournament with a loss to, of all countries, Saudi Arabia.

So as much I’m sure you all are hoping for a minute-by-minute breakdown of Juventus’ friendly over Arsenal in which we saw a whole lot of youth team players get some run, we spent some time talking about what pretty much everybody else is talking about.

Yes, the World Cup final.

And then the friendly win over Arsenal.

Because, after all, we are a Juventus podcast and do like to talk about things like that. (Friendly or not, beating the current Premier League leaders is a pretty good thing to discuss!)

On this week’s episode of The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, we discuss:

  • That World Cup final.
  • Whooooooooooa boy that was a good World Cup final.
  • How did the three Juve players involved in the World Cup final do?
  • Argentina’s win has given us the chance to ask the question that we’ve never even discussed before: Messi or Ronaldo?????
  • Just kidding. We didn’t talk about that.
  • We did pose this question, though: Which Juventus player had the best World Cup?
  • A few thoughts on Juventus’ 2-0 win in Saturday’s friendly against Arsenal.
  • Oh, and there are more injuries to talk about. Namely, the injury to Paul Pogba that continues to keep Juve’s big summer signing on the sidelines and still away from training with the rest of the group.

You can listen to Episode 129 of The Old Lady Speaks Podcast here:

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