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Thanks to Di Maria and Paredes, Juve remains the club with the most World Cup winners

That seems like a lot!

Argentina v France: Final - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
We see you there, Paulo.
Photo by Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/Getty Images

No matter if it was Argentina or France winning the World Cup final on Sunday night, there was going to be a Juventus player (or two) celebrating with one of the most famous sporting trophies that’s out there.

After arguably the most gripping and wildest final in decades (If not longer than that),

With Argentina’s victory over France on penalty kicks, it means two more Juventus players have been crowned World Cup winners. There were 25 before Sunday night, and now Angel Di Maria and Leandro Paredes can be added to the list of those who wear bianconero during the club season but have reached the mountain top at the world stage.

In an odd twist, all three of the Juventus players in the World Cup final — Di Maria, Paredes and France midfielder Adrien Rabiot — could very well not be Juventus players come the summertime with some important decisions looming. While Di Maria was always expected to be a short-term stay, Paredes’ loan deal doesn’t look like it will have the obligation to buy kick in and Rabiot is very much in a high-profile contract situation knowing that he is reportedly asking for a whole lot of money with his next deal.

Di Maria returned to the Argentina starting lineup on Sunday and was one of the best players on the field before he was subbed off midway through the second half. There may or may not be a correlation between the two of those things, but we do know that Di Maria was fantastic in the World Cup final, winning a penalty and scoring a goal before coming off.

Paredes didn’t have the same kind of day — or tournament — for Argentina, as his impact was not exactly all that memorable after the group stage. (He did kick a ball into the Netherlands’ bench that caused a massive scruff between the two teams, so there’s that, I guess.)

On the whole, Rabiot had a very good tournament after arriving in Qatar on very good form at the club level with Juventus. He missed the semifinal win over Morocco due to illness, so who knows if he was anywhere close to 100 percent when he took the field against Argentina only four days later.

So here’s a question on the way out: Can you name the other 25 players from Juventus who have won the World Cup? Don’t look it up because you know there are places out there who have already listed all of them. Some names are obvious, but others are definitely not household names since they won the World Cup well before any of us were alive.