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Report: Max Allegri, Federico Cherubini had resignations rejected (UPDATED)

Things continue to be interesting.


To see things start to filter out of Turin in the wake of Juventus’ entire board of directors suddenly resigning is no surprise. That is how these things work — you get the first big of a big news, and then subsequent big news (which is sometimes even bigger) starts to roll out as more and more people look into what’s going on and source come forward.

This would be one of those cases.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the scope of the resignations at Juventus does in fact go beyond just the board of directors who stepped down on Monday, a list that includes president Andrea Agnelli, vice president Pavel Nedved and CEO Maurizio Arrivabene. It goes to the two biggest names on the management team who are still around — Director of Football Federico Cherubini and manager Max Allegri. They are still there, according to La Gazzetta, because they had their respective resignations rejected, thus putting the two men now at the forefront of leading Juventus through this sudden storm.

UPDATE: According to La Gazzetta’s Giovanni Albanese, it was Agnelli who asked Allegri and Cherubini to stay amidst their desire to resign. Exor CEO (and cousin of Andrea Agnelli) John Elkann also was unwilling to let Allegri and Cherubini leave, with the desire to put the team first. As Albanese said, “La Juve prima di tutto.”

This comes in the wake of Elkann confirming Tuesday that Allegri is going to stay on as manager. Now that we know that it was essentially Agnelli and Elkann as the ones who rejected the two resignations seeing as Elkann is now the one who will essentially be putting together a new Juventus board alongside Gianluca Ferrero, who Exor has put in pole position to be Juve’s next president.

It has been reported that Allegri and Cherubini met with one another Monday night after everything went down with the board of directors resigning.

Cherubini, for those who don’t know, wasn’t on the Juventus board of directors prior to Monday’s news. He is essentially the biggest name and highest-ranking official in Juve’s front office before everything that went down to not be on the board of directors. (And where he will be with the new board of directors still very much remains to be seen.)

The biggest thing that Allegri and Cherubini have to do now, according to La Gazzetta, is to keep the locker room’s faith in the club going after Agnelli’s departure. Gazzetta’s report goes as far to say that players, most notably club captain Leonardo Bonucci, didn’t learn of Agnelli and the rest of the board resigning until they saw Agnelli’s letter to Juventus fans posted online. Others learned of the news at their respective vacation spots or, for nearly half the squad, while they continue to be on World Cup duty with their respective national teams.