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Exor indicates Gianluca Ferrero as the replacement for Andrea Agnelli

There’s no time to relax when your entire board resigns.


Monday brought the stunning news that Juventus’ entire board of directors, including longtime president Andrea Agnelli, had resigned. It came out of nowhere, especially considering how steadfast in their support of each other through the most recent of turbulent times over the last few months.

Juventus’ holding company, Exor, has wasted little time in finding the guy who will replace Agnelli in leading the Old Lady.

Through a press release that came out Tuesday morning, Exor announced that it will “indicate” Gianluca Ferrero to be the next president of Juventus. A Turin native, Ferraro is reportedly close to the Agnelli family, especially so to Allegra Agnelli, Andrea’s mother. He is described as somebody who has “has significant experience and the required technical competencies, as well as a genuine passion for the bianconero club, making him the person most qualified to fulfill this role.”

According to the press release, Exor will release the full list of names for the new Juventus board in advance of the next shareholders meeting on Jan. 18.