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Report: Adrien Rabiot, mother-agent asking for €10M salary with new deal

Contract year Rabiot is one who will ask for a lot of money.

Adrien Rabiot of Juventus Fc looks on during warm up before... Photo by Marco Canoniero/LightRocket via Getty Images

Let’s take you back to the latter stages of the most recent summer transfer window. It looked as though Adrien Rabiot, a player who very much hadn’t lived up to his lofty salary in three years at Juventus, was set to leave and sign with Manchester United. There was one final hurdle to be cleared — Rabiot’s camp, namely his mother/agent, and United agreeing to personal terms.

That never happened ... because United wouldn’t give in to Rabiot’s demands.

Could that situation be developing again but with the twist that it’s Rabiot and his mom-gent negotiating with Juventus rather than another club? Maybe!

According to Italian journalist Nicolo Schira, Rabiot and his mom-gent have upped the ante when it comes to what the 27-year-old Frenchman would earn at Juventus. Not only have they asked for Rabiot to continue to be one of the the highest earners at Juve with his €7 million net salary, but they’ve asked for more than that in his next contract — €10 million net a season. That would make Rabiot, whose current contract runs through 2023, the highest earner at Juventus by a considerable margin.

Schira added two Premier League clubs have shown interest in signing Rabiot on a free transfer (that won’t be very free once it’s all said and done) this summer.


These Rabiots, man, they just ... yeah, I don’t even know at this point. Respect that fact that they’re looking to capitalize on Adrien’s very good 2022-23 season to date and potentially a World Cup that will look a lot like what he’s done at Juve so far this year, but that salary demand is wild. It’s just absolutely wild — especially for a Juventus team that has been trying to get its payroll numbers in a much better situation ever since Maurizio Arrivabene and his expensive cologne showed up.

Conveniently, La Repubblica published an interview with Rabiot on Thursday where the Frenchman addressed his contract situation:

“I don’t know my future, I don’t know if I’m gonna stay at Juve … it’s not time to discuss about it.

For sure, the latest performances help me go elsewhere or talk about a new deal with Juventus.”

(Source: Fabrizio Romano)

If it’s getting close to December and Rabiot is still very uncertain over his future at Juventus, then there are certainly some things that either need to be communicated to the player or discussed within the front office. Surely the likes of Arrivabene and Federico Cherubini are not exactly fans of Rabiot’s mother asking for that kind of money knowing that he has been a very inconsistent player up until this season.

But this shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise knowing why the Rabiot-to-United deal fell apart over the summer. The Rabiots want to get paid, and if that means going somewhere other than Juventus to make that happen then, it seems like that is their intention.

Could make for some awkward months when Rabiot does return from international duty next month. But if we know anything about his mother/agent Veronique, she’s a shooter and she’s going to shoot her shot when it comes to trying to getting her son paid.