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Nicolo Fagioli leaves Italy camp early after picking up foot injury

Another injury! Excellent!

Italy Training Session & Press Conference Photo by Mattia Ozbot/Getty Images

It seems almost fitting that, with the injury luck that Juventus has had during international breaks of recent past, the first injury to happen during the World Cup break involves a player who isn’t actually at the World Cup.

Great, ain’t it?

Juventus midfielder Nicolo Fagioli has seen his first call-up to the Italian national team come to an end early after the 21-year-old picked up an injury to his right foot in training ahead of the Azzurri’s friendly against Austria on Sunday. Fagioli, who made his debut with the senior team as a substitute during Tuesday’s win over Albania, will now return to Turin and undergo further evaluation at J Medical rather than head to Vienna with the rest of the 25-man squad called up by Italy manager Roberto Mancini.

I guess the good thing is that Juventus doesn’t play its next game until January, so if Fagioli is sidelined for more than a week or two it won’t be the biggest deal in the world.

But for a player who has done so many good things over the last couple of weeks, you better believe you wanted to see him get another shot at playing with the Azzurri before the World Cup break for Juventus players who aren’t in Qatar begins in earnest.

You also better believe that if Juve releases any sort of medical update on Fagioli’s foot following the scans he will undergo over the next day or two upon his return to Turin, there’s going to be a lot of interest in just how long he is set to be out for. That’s just what happens when you are suddenly thrust into the starting lineup and then prove to be completely ready for said starting lineup spot and be one of Juve’s best players over the last couple of weeks.

Hopefully there is some good news for Nicky Beans and this is just Mancini and the rest of the Italy medical staff acting in an abundance of caution knowing full well Juve doesn’t play again until January. There’s no reason to risk it — especially in a game that is being played on the opening day of the World Cup but isn’t actually part of the World Cup.