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Allegri: Good for Juventus to have a clear and commanding victory

The Bianconeri return to league action with a solid showing


Juventus controlled the game to win 3-0 against struggling Bologna to somewhat relieve the pressure on beleaguered coach Massimiliano Allegri at the Allians Stadium on Sunday evening.

Speaking after the game, Allegri commended his charges -

“I liked the spirit, the solidity of the team, apart from at the end of the first half, when we got a few attacking moves wrong. We should’ve slowed the tempo and kept the ball more in those situations.

“We hadn’t won in a month, so it was good to have a clear and commanding victory. Now we need to keep a low profile, remember we’re still a way back and above all have to get our Champions League back on track.”

Arkadisuz Milik notched yet another goal for the Bianconeri and has been nothing but spectacular since joining Juventus.

“It was difficult to predict quite such a strong impact, but we already knew Milik is a player who moves well, is intelligent, shakes off his markers and can play well with Vlahovic.”

The return of key midfielders Manuel Locatelli and Adrien Rabiot seemed to make a big difference in the middle of the pitch.

“These are very important returns, as will be Di Maria and Chiesa. Rabiot is a player with a different engine to the others, he got into some good battles and played more forward passes. He’s in a good period of form and is the right age to really deliver a strong season.

“It was a good performance, I told the lads there is this desire to prove yourselves and try really hard, but that can be counter-productive. We needed patience and focus to build the performance and get the result.

“We hadn’t won in a month and almost felt like we couldn’t believe it when we got back to the locker room.”

For all the talk of having had a horrible start, Juve are actually ahead of Scudetto contenders Inter Milan.

“We need to take it one step at a time and hopefully we can close the gap. We closed it last season, we can do it again. It needs to be one small step at a time, we can’t make up that difference all in one go.”

Was the 4-4-2 employed today going to be the default formation for Allegri?

“I am accustomed to picking the line-up based on the players that I have at my disposal. When I had everyone at my disposal, there was more choice. Now we have these players who have specific characteristics and when I say we need more players, it is also about having options and rotating the squad to stop them getting tired.”

Allegri has become villain #1 for the fanbase, what did he have to say about that?

“At this moment, we need clear and cool heads. It was a disastrous month and in particular a week that started with an event we could not have ever predicted [the win against Salernitana reversed to a draw]. It all unravelled from there, but we also take responsibility for our own mistakes.”