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Report: There’s still a chance that Aaron Ramsey leaves Juventus this month


Zenit St. Petersburg v Juventus FC: Group H - UEFA Champions League Photo by Mike Kireev/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Could we be getting the cherry on top of Juventustransfer window-closing sundae?

According to Sky Sport Italia transfer oracle Gianluca Di Marzio on Sunday night, there is still a possibility that Juventus and Aaron Ramsey could part ways before Monday’s transfer deadline arrives. That out has two potential destinations, according to Di Marzio, in Burney and Newcastle — which just so happen to be clubs that Ramsey has reportedly rejected in the past. (It also feels like Ramsey has rejected every single club in England regardless of where they fall on the English football pyramid.)

Di Marzio, on the day before the final day of the January transfer window, very directly says of Ramsey: “Tomorrow could be his last day as a Juventus player.”

You read that right, folks.

After weeks and weeks we are on the cusp of Juventus and Ramsey parting ways. Maybe.

Between the injuries, the COVID-19 absence and just the general lack of any sort of contributions, Ramsey has seemingly little options if he wants to play football at all the rest of the season. Then again, he’s within his right to decline moves to the Premier League that don’t sound all that great to him because he is currently under contract with Juventus and, as you may remember, still one of the team’s highest-paid players at €7 million net a season.

Ramsey, it has been reported numerous times, has rejected moves to multiple Premier League clubs over the last couple of weeks. That makes you hesitate to think that this could be something any different. But maybe, just maybe, it being the final day of the transfer window could mean that some things forces Ramsey to be backed into a corner and make a decision — leave or risk not playing any club football until next season.

With one day left in the transfer window, we’re about to find out.