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The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 80: Into the January gauntlet Juve goes

We are just a few short days from the holiday break being over and done with, and Juventus’ first game in January 2022 is one that could set the tone for the rest of the month.

Juventus v Cagliari Calcio - Serie A Photo by Sportinfoto/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

After a holiday break in which we saw very little football outside of the United Kingdom (which isn’t all that united) being played, we can now officially say that Juventus is back in a matter of days.

Yes, people — days! Maybe even hours depending on when you find this post.

Juventus’ return to the field is not so long away from taking place, with one heck of a matchup to begin things come Thursday night at Allianz Stadium. It is there, in Turin, with the newly-implemented 50% capacity limit in stadiums around Italy that Juventus will face one of its direct rivals for a top four place in Napoli, which went into the holiday break in relatively bad shape and will look to start the new year in different fashion.

New year, new Juve? New Napoli? New ... anything?

The month of January is going to be brutal if Juve don’t care of business more often than not. And with the next couple of weeks seeing big match after big match arrive, Max Allegri and his squad have their work cut out for them if they want to head into February with a legitimate chance of competing for a Champions League spot next season.

So, as you might expect, Juve-Napoli is a focus on this week’s pod.

Speaking of which ...

On this week’s episode of The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, we discuss:

  • Juventus’ 2022 opener against Napoli and just how big of a match it truly is.
  • What the return of Federico Chiesa and Paulo Dybala could mean for Juventus when it faces Napoli on Thursday night.
  • The Alvaro Morata to Barcelona rumors and what they mean for the immediate future.
  • Dear God, more rumors with the same handful of players who might replace Morata if he were to leave during the January transfer window.
  • Twitter questions, including who we might prefer to replace Morata of the usual suspects being linked with Juventus and a few New Years resolutions as we start 2022.

You can listen to Episode 80 of The Old Lady Speaks Podcast here:

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