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Reports: Juventus finalize Dusan Vlahovic deal, medicals set for this weekend

There could be one thing that makes it all thrown off schedule, though.

Dusan Vlahovic of Acf Fiorentina during warm up before the... Photo by Marco Canoniero/LightRocket via Getty Images

With Dusan Vlahovic’s representatives flying into to Turin on Thursday, there was the feeling that there were mere details separating the two sides from being aligned for the foreseeable future. No matter how big or small those details were, you got the sense it was only a matter of time before all we had to wait for was the photos of Vlahovic taking a medical and signing his fancy new contract with Juventus.

Well, now there’s another step done, another step closer to the first “OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL” transfer post of 2022.

According to pretty much every reliable reporter in Italy, Juventus and Vlahovic’s camp finalized all aspect of the big Serbian striker’s deal that will be worth upward of €75 million and see him earn €7 million net a season with his contract through 2026. Vlahovic, according to reports, is expected in Turin this weekend for his medicals as long as he can test negative for COVID-19 after testing positive last week. If he is still positive, then Vlahovic will still sign his contract remotely, with the medical he took at the beginning of the season with Fiorentina still technically valid.

Either way, Dusan Vlahovic is about to sign with Juventus — and that’s pretty cool.

That’s the tweet you wait for when you want to see a deal take place. It’s almost like waiting for the wait smoke when selecting a new pope — when you see “here we go!” you know something is going to be happening pretty dang soon.

It’s been a little over 48 hours since news first broke that Juventus and Fiorentina had agreed to the framework of a €75 million deal for Vlahovic. It suddenly then turned into a waiting game as to when you would get the reports about everything being done and then only thing that needed to happen next was Vlahovic physically stepping foot on the Juventus side of Turin for the first time since Juan Cuadrado was scoring a late winner against Fiorentina on Nov. 6.

The last remaining hurdle to clear was just how much commission and fees Vlahovic’s agents would command as part of the deal. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, it could be as much as €10 million.

With that now done and settled, Juventus awaits Vlahovic to test negative and then step foot in Turin to complete the deal. Those steps seem to be a given at this point, and at some point soon we will be seeing Vlahovic holding up his new Juventus jersey and shaking Pavel Nedved’s hand for the first time.