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Report: Juventus, Fiorentina agree to €75 million deal for Dusan Vlahovic

Well this has escalated quickly.

SSC Napoli v ACF Fiorentina - Coppa Italia Photo by Franco Romano/NurPhoto via Getty Images

With Fiorentina saying that Dusan Vlahovic’s services were open for business, Juventus were presented an opportunity to add one of Europe’s best young strikers with less than a week to go in the January transfer window.

And it looks as though Juve’s trying to strike while the iron is hot.

According to Sky Sport Italia on Tuesday, Juventus and Fiorentina have come to an agreement on a €75 million deal that would see Vlahovic arrive in Turin before the month of January is over. Juventus and Vlahovic, according to multiple reports Monday, have already agreed to personal terms on a five-year deal worth €7 million net a season, one that would make the 21-year-old Serbian one of the highest paid players at the club. Sky’s report made it sound like it was straight €75 million, while others like La Gazzetta dello Sport are saying it’s something more like in the high €60 million range with another €7 million or so in bonuses.

Initial reports suggest that Juve’s offer to Fiorentina would be in the neighborhood of €65 million, but knowing full well that La Viola’s price range was €70 million and above, according to sporting director Daniele Pradé on Monday, then this is the kind of offer that makes a lot more sense and one that they’re going to have to work themselves into a pretzel to not accept.

Yeah, I’d say that this is something that deserves an all-caps kind of tweet. That usually means good news is happening — and in this case, it means that Vlahovic is just that much closer to, rather surprisingly, becoming a Juventus player in relatively short order.

To see things progress as fast as they have been, with Fiorentina going from “we’re open to offers” to now Juventus reportedly spending a whole hell of a lot of money and meeting the asking price despite these current economic times ... that’s quite the development.

But with Vlahovic and his camp essentially saying that Juventus was the only club that he wanted to sign with, there was only so much that FIorentina could have done. They were put into a corner when it came to negotiations, and the fact that Vlahovic didn’t want to sign anywhere else took the bidding war aspect of the negotiation phase completely out of the equation. It was essentially Juventus or bust for Vlahovic, and the fact that Fiorentina sensed that it needed to make a deal now might have been the thing that kicked things into overdrive.

No matter what, though, it looks as though a month in which the transfer activity has historically been pretty quiet for Juventus with a big-ish signing not happening in years, Juventus is bucking the trend and getting one of the best players on the market. It’s one heck of a turn, and it’s caused the second half of the 2021-22 season to get that much more interesting.