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Reports: Juve agree to terms with Dusan Vlahovic, set to open talks with Fiorentina

Personal terms. There’s still a very large and high-priced mountain to try and get over in Florence.

SSC Napoli v ACF Fiorentina - Coppa Italia Photo by Ivan Romano/Getty Images

With a week to go before the end of the January transfer window, business has most certainly picked up.

Like a lot, a lot.

According to some of the most reputable reporters in Italy like Fabrizio Romano and Romeo Agresti on Monday night, Juventus are set to open talks with Fiorentina over a potential transfer for star striker Dusan Vlahovic. Multiple Italian outlets like Sky Sport Italia and La Gazzetta dello Sport have reported that Juventus and Vlahovic’s camp have already agreed to personal terms on a five-year contract worth €7 million net a season. Juventus are said to be preparing its initial offer for Vlahovic in the coming hours of this post being written, with a bid to be submitted to Fiorentina with “the intent to sign Vlahovic immediately,” according to Romano.

Italian transfer reporter Nicolo Schira has reported that Juve’s first bid for Vlahovic will be in the neighborhood of €65 million.

The catch in all of this is that now Juventus and Fiorentina have to agree to a deal. But what Juve has going for themselves is something that has seemingly become more and more true over the last couple of weeks no matter how much of a financial stretch it may have seemed like this signing would be: Vlahovic only wants to join Juventus, not go somewhere abroad.

Vlahovic, who had one of the best 2021 calendar years of any striker in Europe, has been looked at more as a pipe dream rather than a realistic transfer target because of the massive price tag that Fiorentina have put on him. It was just earlier in the day Monday that Fiorentina director sporting Daniele Pradé was talking about how Fiorentina wanted at least €70 million for Vlahovic, but also admitted that “offers had been made” for the 21-year-old Serbian.

“It’s an important valuation, over €70 million,” Pradé said. “With no exchange deal and no way of paying in so many years. The president has imposed it on us.”

“We’re open to everything,” Pradé added. “But the agents have to tell us their intentions.”

Considering what we know just a few hours after this quote, it’s pretty obvious what Vlahovic’s agents want to see take place. It’s what the player has reportedly wanted for weeks, if not months now. Vlahovic wants to sign with Juventus and that is why he has reportedly rejected a big-money move to Arsenal and that any other potential destination doesn’t look all that likely right now.