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A couple of the BWRAO crew members were on podcasts, and you should listen

Gigi Buffon might have been mentioned once or twice.

Juventus Travel To Reggio Emilia Photo by Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

Over the past few weeks, a couple of your favorite people at your favorite Juventus blog were making the podcast rounds and being interviewed to talk about their favorite football team (and other things). Well, maybe not totally “the rounds,” but at least a few appearances that asked them a lot of Juve-related things.

We are officially here to tell you all about them.

Our favorite Dutchman on the blog, Chuks, was on the Football Kit Memories Podcast to talk about his book, being involved with BWRAO as well as discuss some of his favorite kits. Meanwhile, yours truly, Danny, was a guest on the’s Football Stories Podcast to discuss how the current Juventus fandom all got started, what it’s like to follow Juve from afar in the United States and talk about the current happenings going on around the club both on and off the field. (Remember, these things were recorded a little while ago, so some things have obviously happened between now and then.)

Even though I don’t speak for Chuks, I am going to go ahead and speak for him right now and say that both podcast appearances were a pretty good time and that you should listen to both of them when you get the chance.

To listen to Danny on the Sporticos Football Stories Podcast, listen here:

To listen to Chuks on the Football Kit Memories Podcast, listen here:

Thanks to both of the podcasts — who just so happened to be hosted by guys with cool accents named Craig! — for having us on their shows. We had fun and hope to say hey again soon.