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Reports: Moise Kean could be coming back to Juventus

MOISE IS BACK... (Maybe)

Juventus v Torino FC - Serie A Photo by Massimiliano Ferraro/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Out of all the divisive moves Juventus made during the last few years, selling their uber-talented young striker to the Premier League right after his breakthrough season was one of the deals that split the fanbase as few have before or since.

You can count on one hand the number of Juve’s prospects that have made an impact on the senior team in the last decade so it was very much a downer to see Moise Kean transferred out to Everton in the summer of 2019 for €27.5 million.

However you can see the logic behind the move as Juventus was in desperate need of funds and in full on win-now mode thanks to their signing of Cristiano Ronaldo one year prior. To turn a talented - but mostly young and unproven - player that would probably not feature all that much in Juventus’s plans into a quick profit was not the worst idea. And, after Kean’s disastrous first campaign in England it looked more and more like Juventus had cut bait at the right time.

To his credit though, Kean - who is too young and too talented to be written off after one bad season - bounced back in a great way after being loaned out to Paris Saint-Germain for the 2020-2021 season to record the best season of his young career. Tallying 41 appearances and 17 goals, he became an important part of a team that was filled with with top shelf talent.

Once his loan ended it was heavily rumored that PSG would try to sign him permanently, because why wouldn’t they? Who wouldn’t like to have in its team a 21 year old striker who has already shown himself capable of scoring 15+ goals a season?

So, as Juventus seemed destined to see their one time prodigy flourish in the French capital, PSG decided to sign some other, slightly more accomplished forward to stack the deck even more on their favor.

This move sent Kean back to Everton and an uncertain future once again, until today where news broke that another slightly more accomplished forward decided he wanted out of Juventus which would in turn leave a space to be filled in his former club forward line.

Per Fabrizio Romano, Juventus are already in negotiations with Kean’s super agent - and probable future Marvel movie supervillain - Mino Raiola to bring the talented Italian back to the fold:

Nicolo Schira goes one step forward as he reports that Juventus have already agreed on personal terms with Kean:

There is no doubt that replacing Cristiano Ronaldo with Moise Kean - as talented as he is - is a downgrade, but given that the club seems to be intent on making this team younger and cheaper there are few other options that fit that bill as well as the Italian international does.

Plus, just on swagger and good vibes alone the return of Moise Kean is a net positive for this club:

Not often do clubs get a chance to right a wrong, due to the serendipitous events of the last few hours, the Bianconeri might have a chance to do just that.