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Cherubini: Juventus might have no summer transfers

Juve’s new Chief Football Officer was announced earlier today.

Juventus Press Conference Photo by Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

Juventus Club President Andrea Agnelli presented a couple of new faces to the Board to the media today, with Federico Cherubini taking over as Sporting Director after the departure of Fabio Paratici, and Maurizio Arrivabene the new CEO.

After the announcements, Cherubini immediately provided an update on the future of Cristiano Ronaldo, who is widely expected to be moving on from Juve this summer.

“There has been no signal from Ronaldo. Especially the rumours that there should be a transfer and there’s no sign from Juventus in this regard.

“Last season he scored 36 goals in 44 games, the numbers don’t always say everything but hide many truths, we are happy that Ronaldo will join the team as soon as he has finished his holidays.

“I don’t have the crystal ball, but right now there are no signals regarding a possible transfer.”

Agnelli also chimed in about the Portugal forward who saw his side relinquish their European champions title at the Euros last weekend.

“It was the first operation where multiple departments of the club were involved. It’s an operation that, as of today, has had a positive COVID-free adjusted MPV.

“Starting from here, we’ll make our assessments also from a technical perspective. You cannot field teams based on commercial needs. Every operation has its value, also commercially and for the messages delivered. [Weston] McKennie is an example with his attention regarding issues that are very much debated right now, just to make a different example.”

For Bianconeri who were expecting to see a number of new faces to rejuvenate the squad that will be handed to Massimiliano Allegri, disappointment appears to be on the cards as Cherubini doesn’t expect the club to splash too much money in the summer mercato.

“We arrive from a few seasons where we have made important and targeted investments that put us in a position to reach the beginning of the season with a competitive team.

“We may not even carry out a transfer market, because we believe we have a competitive team, and our idea is our coach. Of course, in a logic of sharing strategies and objectives, we know that something can be improved but it doesn’t mean that this will happen.

“We have a plan for the progressive strengthening of the team over the years and above all to wait for those investments made in recent years, especially in the last two years with the rejuvenation of the squad.

“We are convinced that we already have ample room for growth with the technical assets at our disposal. It will not be a market in which we will be very active, but we would be vigilant and ready to seize opportunities with technical and economic parameters in line with our plan.”

Agnelli also added that despite the financial impacts of the COVID crisis, Juventus were going to be in a better financial position thanks to the ownership group ploughing some more money into the club.

“The Board of Directors has examined the impacts of COVID in recent seasons that are around €320m and has prepared guidelines for the increase of share capital up to €400m.

“Those of the pandemic are effects that have affected all companies. Then there are capital increases such as Roma, Atletico Madrid and we are here too. We fit into this context, it’s important that the shareholders support the growth of this club. The ownership is one of the strengths of this club, I say this as President and a member of the family.”

There were some lingering concerns that with Agnelli’s pivotal role in the doomed Super League, Juve were going to be disbarred from taking part in next season’s Champions League, but the President laid those worries to rest.

“We have received with serenity the letter from UEFA admitting us to the next Champions League. On our part there’s a willingness to talk and we are not afraid of the threats that have been made in recent months and we are convinced that legal actions will lead to successes.

“I have always had an excellent relationship with President Ceferin, I continue to admire him as a person. Having said that, when you work in the business world, you know what it means to sign an NDA, a non-disclosure agreement, it puts you in the position of not being able to communicate certain hypotheses to whom one is working with.

“I believe that with the immediate resignation from my positions, I have acted in the most correct way possible. Alex remains a person who has my admiration and is my daughter’s Godfather. I’m convinced that time will resolve any misunderstanding that there was.”

All quotes courtesy of Football Italia