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Wojciech Szczesny shoots down recent round of transfer rumors

So maybe a Mino Raiola client isn’t going to be coming to Turin this summer?

Wojciech Szczesny of Juventus Fc looks on during the Serie... Photo by Marco Canoniero/LightRocket via Getty Images

As things were going absolutely bonkers last week and Juventus hired themselves a new manager, one of the bigger transfer rumors involved the Old Lady’s starting goalkeeper position. Gigio Donnarumma was officially not going to return to AC Milan, and to potentially bring in the young Italian who doesn’t look young at all, Juve obviously needed to part ways with their current No. 1 to free up both salary money and a roster spot.

As talk of Donnarumma-to-Juventus has slowed down a bit and talk of Paris Saint-Germain entering the chat and potentially flexing their Qatar-backed bank account, that means Szczesny sticking around in Turin is still very much in the cards.

Szczesny himself commented on the current situation Sunday, taking a firm stance on what he has — or hasn’t done — when it comes to discussing his future at Juventus. Said Woj:

“I know that this has been in the media for a while, so I will try to answer this question once and for all. I have not spoken to Juventus or any other club, because there is nothing to discuss about a departure.

“I am not responsible for Juventus transfer strategy.”

(Source: Football Italia)

Szczesny, who just completed his third season as Juventus’ starting goalkeeper, has been linked with a move away from Turin in recent weeks so that Donnarumma can come in and take over in goal. Juventus has reportedly put a contract offer worth €10 million a season on the table to try and lure Donnarumma to the club.

That has resulted in plenty of talk of how Juventus will try and sell Szczesny this summer. There have been rumors of a potential swap deal with Roma involving Alessandro Florenzi, something that would be beneficial for both clubs since Juve has very little depth at fullback and Roma’s goalkeeping issues are well-documented by our friends at Chiesa di Totti. Although sporadic, there have been random rumors about Szczesny returning to the Premier League.

But with PSG now very much in the Donnarumma game, things can change in a hurry. Maybe a week ago it looked like Donnarumma was going to sign with Juventus and they were the favorites. Now? Well, PSG’s money is a major trump card, and we all know what Mino Raiola wants for his clients maybe most of all — and that’s a big, big pay day.

And because of that, Szczesny’s status at Juventus might be becoming a little more clear than it was a week or two ago. So when he says “there is nothing to discuss about a departure,” that could very well be the case since all of this directly impacts him.