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The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 51: Version 2.0

Max Allegri is back at Juventus, and this summer is shaping up to be one full of drama, transfer rumors and plenty of chaos along the way. Just look at the last week we’ve had as Exhibit A, folks.


A lot has happened since the last time we talked, hasn’t it?

And while there are transfer rumors at seemingly every turn, there are things that we know for certain: Max Allegri is back in town, and Juventus has a new manager that is the same as their old manager from a couple of years ago.

Yes, the Return of the Max has officially happened. You can probably guess that’s what we’re talking about this week. But like so many things at Juventus (and in the world of football) these days, there are so many different parts to the equation it’s hard to keep things focused on just Allegri’s return. Because it’s not so simple as that. There’s plenty of trickle down effects that will be happening over the next couple of months before Juventus plays again.

Ah, what a fun summer this will be, huh?

You bet! Hopefully.

On this week’s episode of The Old Lady Speaks, we discuss:

  • Thoughts on the week that was and the absolutely craziness that took place after reports that Allegri was coming back truly started to pick up steam.
  • Max is making A LOT of money.
  • The dynamic between Allegri and Juve’s somewhat new-look front office, with reports suggesting that a big sticking point for him to return was having more power in how the roster will look come the start of the 2021-22 season.
  • The €31 million-after-taxes elephant in the room: How much of Juve’s summer transfer activity depends on Cristiano Ronaldo still being on the team. (Hint: A lot!)
  • Twitter questions!

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