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Report: Juventus put Merih Demiral on the market, want at least €40 million

That’s a lot of money.

Juventus v FC Internazionale - Serie A Photo by Sportinfoto/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

For months we’ve wondered just how much ability that Merih Demiral has to reign in the undeniable talent that he has. In two seasons with Juventus, he has shown that he is a potential starter, but has also had his fair share of rough moments where that still-raw ability gets the better of him in the moments leading up to a vital mistake.

Two years after his arrival, Demiral’s future at Juventus is about as uncertain as ever. And, remember, this is a player who had transfer rumors swirling around him all of days after Juve bought him the same summer they splashed a whole lot of cash on Matthijs de Ligt.

If Juventus are to sell Demiral this summer, then it will come with a demand of at least €40 million, according to a report from La Gazzetta dello Sport. Demiral has been linked with a handful of clubs both in Serie A (Atalanta) and abroad (Everton and Tottenham), but even as it looks like he is on the market now more than ever before, nothing concrete has come into focus even as a big price tag has been attached to his name as we prepare for the Juventus transfer season to ramp up as the Euro 2020 knockout rounds get going.

According to La Gazzetta’s report, Juventus’ management team has recently met with Demiral’s agent to discuss the Turkish defender’s future at the club. Demiral’s agent, according to the report, made things pretty clear: Demiral is not happy with his current role at the club and wants to see an increase in playing time this coming season and into the future.

That’s something that we’ve heard rumors about before. Even as Demiral has struggled with both injuries and his overall form, the fact that there have been rumblings on more than one occasion that he isn’t happy about his playing time is a little ... worrisome. Maybe just as worrisome is the progress that other young players who are around the same age as the 23-year-old Demiral and he hasn’t taken that next step and grown into the potential he has.

Two years after signing with Juventus, Demiral is still considered raw, still waiting to become a consistent contributor and, maybe most important of all, still has yet to prove that he has the level it takes to play alongside somebody like de Ligt and be a defensive leader on this team as they go into the future under Max Allegri.

How much this €40 million demand will impact Demiral’s status still remains to be seen. But with him still very much a young defender known more for potential more than anything, there could very well be somebody out there who will bite and potentially bring a nice chunk of money back to Juventus in return.