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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Aurora Galli is Juventus Women’s latest departure

Juve’s midfield is not as good today as it was at the beginning of the week.

Juventus v Sassuolo - Women Serie A Photo by Alberto Gandolfo/NurPhoto via Getty Images

While Juventus Women might have found a new manager, one of the most consistent names on the team sheet over the course of the team’s first four years of existence has become the latest one to leave the club following the end of the 2020-21 season.

Juventus announced Saturday that Italian international midfielder Aurora Galli is leaving the club, joining goalkeeper Laura Giuliani and winger Maria Alves as well as manager Rita Guarino — who has since joined Inter Milan — in the group that has left the club following the celebration of the fourth Serie A Femminile title in as many years. Galli, who is still just 24 years old, is expected to sign with Everton in the coming days, becoming the first Italian woman to sign with a club in England’s top flight.

From Juventus’ official website:

Aurora Galli bids farewell to Juventus Women after four seasons, the same number of league titles won, two Super Cups, an Italian Cup, plus 88 appearances and 12 goals scored.

Yaya was there from the very first moment Juventus Women took their first steps in a journey that was destined to become unique. Now, at the end of a season, which saw Juve break countless records, Yaya pulled off the No.4 jersey for the last time, as she wishes to undertake a new adventure.

During her four seasons with Juventus, Galli was able to make her mark in arguably the most talented position group on the team. Along the same lines of fellow Italian international Arianna Caruso, Galli quickly developed into one of the squad’s best midfielders despite her young age. She didn’t have the experience that somebody like Martina Rosucci or Sofie Pedersen had when they signed with Juventus in 2017, but Galli’s all-around game didn’t take long to blossom. Guarino’s midfield was full of talented players, but the fact that Galli appeared in 88 games and started the vast majority of them just shows how good of a player she is (and will continue to be).

But if Yaya has decided that it’s time for a new adventure as she hits her mid-20s, then so be it. As much as there are still plenty of players that are still around from the original group that were around when this whole thing got started, to see one of the most entertaining personalities head somewhere else this summer is a tough pill to swallow.