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The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 43: Groundhog Day

Juventus’ returned from the international break and looked a lot like the team that went into the international break — which is bad and something nobody wanted to actually see take place.

Torino FC v Juventus - Serie A Photo by Giuseppe Cottini/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Things are not great.

They are far from good, even.

That’s why sometimes we will get rid of the catchy and intentions of being funny and just get straight to the point here: Juventus lost against Torino over the weekend in the Derby della Mole, and because of it we’re left to once left to wonder just where this club is going and just how bad it might get before the season is out.

That’s really all we need to say about that other than what we’ve said on the podcast this week. These are tough times, and sometimes those tough times are the greatest test as to just what kind of attitude and character some of your biggest people have to offer.

No matter what, though, Juventus need to change things in a hurry or else the possibility of not playing in the Champions League next season is gonna start getting even more real.

On this week’s episode of The Old Lady Speaks, we discuss:

  • Juventus’ top 4 chances seem to be hanging on by a thread right now. Just how confident are we that this team, with the way it is playing of late, can actually ensure Champions League football next season?
  • The pressure is on Andrea Pirlo to get results or else there won’t be any Champions League and he will likely be out of a job because of it.
  • The team’s confidence levels ... yikes.
  • This summer is going to be one of transition no matter who the manager is at Juventus, so that means the front office has to nail it or else the next few seasons might end up being just as tough as the current one.
  • Twitter questions! (Including one from a familiar name around here.)

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