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The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 46: Pace & Power

Juventus dropped points to Fiorentina again and one of Andrea Agnelli’s biggest projects yet, the European Super League, blew up in his face. So, as you can guess, it was a bad week.

Giorgio Chiellini of Juventus FC reacts during the Serie A... Photo by Andrea Staccioli/Insidefoto/LightRocket via Getty Images

Unfortunately, this past weekend was one we’ve seen way too many times before.

That’s not just because Juventus dropped points or played poorly for a massive portion of the weekend’s game. But it also involved Juventus dropping points against a team that they’ve already dropped points against this season AND that opponent is one that is currently just outside of the relegation zone in Serie A. This time it was Fiorentina, the latest relegation-threatened team to get some much-needed point(s) against Juventus this season.

So, essentially, something that should have been avoided wasn’t actually avoided.

While we were Sergio-less this week, we brought on another Agent of Chaos to try and fill the shoes of Mr. Romero: Tito, the man who runs the show over at Viola Nation, and his wonderful dulcitones. Conveniently, Tito was in a very good mood considering the club that always frustrates him actually had a good weekend — which, obviously, was very different than the three of us who were talking with him.

Good times, right?

On this week’s episode of The Lady Speaks, we discuss the following:

  • We get an outsider’s view of what the hell is wrong with Juventus from Tito.
  • More venting about Juventus dropping points against teams they shouldn’t drop points against.
  • The Serie A’s race to finish in the top four, which (somehow) is even tighter after the weekend’s games than it was at the beginning of Saturday’s schedule.
  • The two-day rise and fall of the Super League and what a mess it has been for Andrea Agnelli and Juventus, who are still technically part of the Super League.

Thanks again to Tito for jumping on the podcast with us this week. You can, of course, follow all of his writing at as well as listen to their podcast, Viola Station, on the same audio medium that you prefer to listen to your favorite Juventus podcast.

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