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Paulo Dybala returns to full training ahead of Derby della Mole

Well, well, well. Hello again, old friend.

Juventus Training Session Photo by Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

If Paulo Dybala’s goal was return to the field for the first game out of the current international break when Juventus faces city rival Torino in this Saturday’s Derby della Mole, then Tuesday’s bit of news was a big step in that direction.

Dybala is back.

At least almost back.

Dybala — along with everybody’s favorite Welshman Aaron Ramsey — returned to full training with the reduced group not out on international duty on Tuesday, according to Juventus’ brief training report on their official website. That is the first time we’ve heard those kinds of words in quite a while considering that there has been very little good news surrounding Dybala’s injury situation ever since he was originally hurt two months ago.

But ... maybe now we can actually look forward to him playing again.

Or, at the very least, being an option off the bench the next couple of weeks because he’s now healthy enough to go through a full training session once again after so many weeks on the sideline or working on the side doing personalized workouts.

From Juve’s official website:

Today’s training session which, like last week, saw the Juventus players not involved in their respective national teams undergo possession and technical exercises.

Dybala and Ramsey took part in the whole group session.

I don’t think anybody would have thought it would take this long for that last sentence — Ramsey or no Ramsey, obviously — to be written on Juventus’ website following Dybala’s original injury. Hell, it was originally supposed to be a couple of weeks out, then he’s back in the fold and we can go back to hoping the form he was starting to show when he did get hurt would be there once more. But two months out injured? Nah, that wasn’t even a thought that was being entertained by anybody, including Dybala and Juventus as well.

Two months later, we’re finally close to seeing Dybala on the field again. And even if it’s off the bench for the first few games, that’s something better than we can say the last two months — which, in this guy’s humble opinion, is a welcome sight to see.