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The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 41: The Witching Hour

Things went from bad to worse for Juventus, who now have the “honor” of saying that they are on the wrong side of a game where Benevento got its first win in nearly three months this past weekend.

Leonardo Bonucci of Juventus Fc despairs during the Serie A... Photo by Marco Canoniero/LightRocket via Getty Images

As what seems like the norm these days, your local Juventus-themed podcast has turned into a place to vent about what is going wrong at the club rather than what’s going right.

Man, those good vibes in January are ... missed.

Another week has gone by and another Juventus failure on the field dominated the conversation. Last week it was the Champions League exit, this week it’s just how bad they were against Benevento over the weekend and the ramifications that are a result of it. We had the full squad back intact — so, prepare yourself for Sergio and his fancy new microphone — and there was plenty to talk about even though Juventus didn’t really do all that much of anything well in Sunday afternoon’s loss to a Benevento team that hadn’t previously won since Jan. 6.

On this week’s episode of The Old Lady Speaks, we discuss:

  • The loss to Benevento because there’s no disappointing Champions League results to dominate the discussion this week. (Well, damn.)
  • People are blaming Andrea Pirlo A LOT over the last few games. Is that really the right thing to do with such a problematic squad he has to work with from the get-go?
  • A childhood story from Chuks because Sergio’s takes were that hot.
  • As we asked last week on the podcast: What now?
  • Twitter questions!

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