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Reports: Paulo Dybala flies to Barcelona to get another opinion on his injured knee

Not great!

Juventus v US Sassuolo - Serie A Photo by Sportinfoto/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

We’ve been playing the waiting game when it comes to Paulo Dybala coming back to the field and trying to put this cursed season of his to bed. While we didn’t know the exact date for his return, it was hard to predict that Juventus would be entering the final days of February and still not know when their No. 10 was going to be back.

Yet, here we are.

And the latest signal is that we might have to wait a little longer.

According to reports from Goal Italia’s Romeo Agresti and others, Dybala flew to Barcelona on Wednesday to get another opinion on the knee injury that has kept him out since Jan. 10. That knee injury sustained against Sassuolo was initially expected to keep him out two or three weeks, but has now kept him out for nearly three times that amount of time. So much so that now it has now been a case brought to Spain for another opinion as we close in on the two-month mark since Dybala last appeared in a game for Juventus.

I’m no doctor or anything close to somebody who understands how kinesiology works, but if you’re still struggling with an injury 40 days in after they expected you to be out for 20 or so days, that’s not a good sign. And the fact that Dybala is now going to Spain to try and get another opinion on his injured knee just adds to the thought process that this might not be something that is resolved within the next week or two.

While Dybala has been present on the bench and even called up for a couple of games over the last few weeks, it’s been a complete guessing game as to when he was going to return. Andrea Pirlo has been saying that Dybala is getting close, but has yet to lock down a time whenever he’s been questioned about it.

The kind of knee ligament injury Dybala has, suffered in a tough tackle in the win over Sassuolo last month, just continues to be an issue as we hit the 45-day mark of Juve’s No. 10 being out of action.

But what is starting to truly be a lost season for Dybala, this is the latest hit to a year that has been far from kind to a player who was so good for much of the 2019-20 campaign.