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Paulo Dybala listed as ‘day-to-day’ as Juventus rule out muscle injury

So ... not as bad as we feared?

Paulo Dybala (R) of Juventus FC leaves the pitch after... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

At the same time that Juventus was getting ready to learn its first Champions League Round of 16 opponent in Sporting CP, there was the unfortunate sight back in Turin that we’ve seen all too often the last couple of years — Paulo Dybala walking up to the front doors of J Medical.

We’ve seen it happen too much this season, too much last season and too much in the last few years where Dybala’s injury struggles have become more and more of a thing.

Monday’s visit to J Medical was just the latest in what’s become a long list of trips to the doctor’s office.

In what one could take as better news than most expected, Juventus’ medical staff ruled out any kind of muscle injury for Dybala all of 48 hours after he was forced to come off injured in Juve’s 1-1 draw with Venezia in Venice. Juventus’ statement on Dybala’s test results were short and sweet, which hopefully means the amount of time that he misses won’t be all that long at all. The statement itself from Juventus’ official website:

The tests that Paulo Dybala underwent today at J|Medical excluded muscle injuries and therefore his condition will be monitored daily.

Brief. Very, very brief.

As reports circulate that Dybala’s agent has arrived in Italy ahead of the expected contract extension signing before Christmas — yes, FINALLY — La Gazzetta dello Sport pointed out that Dybala is hoping to be ready for Tuesday’s match against Cagliari, the last match of the 2021 calendar year.

The “monitored daily” designation doesn’t exactly give us a true idea of when Dybala could be back on the field. But knowing that this injury is one that has lingered for a couple of games now, it may be the best interest of both parties to just shut things down until the new year — especially when you consider what level of opposition is going to be there waiting for Juventus right out of the gate in January.

For now, though, since we don’t know when Dybala will be back for sure, we just wait. Maybe it means some more playing time for Kaio Jorge or Moise Kean — which would be nice considering both have gotten anything but consistent minutes so far this season. Or maybe Dybala is back on the field before 2021 is over. Either way, let’s just hope he can be fully healthy the next time he steps onto the field.