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The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 77: Juve has some issues by the sea

Coming off a surprise in the Champions League in which Juve finished atop its group, the squad’s trip to Venice was far from anything you would describe as “good” or “enjoyable.”

Venezia FC v Juventus - Serie A Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

I think we can all agree that Venice is a beautiful city in Italy and we all would like to visit over there one day if we haven’t already done so.

I think we can also safely say that Juve’s trip to Venice was probably easy on the eye — especially on the boat! — but what happened on the field against Venezia was far from something you would like to see over and over again as compared to the city itself.

But that is what happened this past weekend.

And whatever good vibes there were after Juventus leapfrogged Chelsea in the standings to finish in first place in its Champions League group, they were all gone by the time Juve got back on the boat and headed back to the mainland for the flight back to Turin.

Different location, same kinds of problems.

It was another one of those weekends for Juventus — which, by now, I think it’s safe to say we’re all getting rather tired of watching play out. But because the crew here at your favorite Juventus podcast are loyal to their craft, we talked both Juve’s struggles in Venice and Monday’s Champions League Round of 16 draw(s). Plenty of not-so-good, with a chance of maybe something somewhat good happening in the future.

This week on The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, we discuss:

  • Takeaways from the week that was — including a mention of traffic talk in Mexico.
  • Juve dropping points from a winning position once again, this time in Venice against a club in Venezia that is trying to avoid going into the relegation zone.
  • Max Allegri got conservative again and Juventus paid for it.
  • The Champions League Round of 16 draw. (The second one that didn’t have to be redone after the first one was clearly botched by those running the show.)
  • Twitter questions, including ones about Paulo Dybala’s contract extension and just how much of the blame does Max Allegri deserve for Juve’s struggles this season.

You can listen to Episode 77 of The Old Lady Speaks here:

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