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Champions League Round of 16 re-draw results: Juventus paired with Villarreal

Everybody loves a second draw, right?

Players of Juventus FC celebrate the victory at the end of... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

Something that none of us expected was to have everybody reconvene after the original Champions League Round of 16 draw and do everything over again. But because of the failure in UEFA’s usually sound ways on the stage — or whatever you want to call it — we had to come back and re-do everything that was done a c couple of hours earlier.

No matchup against Sporting CP like originally thought.

Instead, we had the draw take place once more.

The end verdict: Not Sporting. Not another club from Portugal. Instead, It will be against opposition just across the boarder from Portugal.

The second Champions League Round of 16 draw of the day resulted in Juventus getting Villarreal, which finished second behind Manchester United in Group H. This, of course, can be viewed a lot like the Sporting draw from a couple of hours earlier — it maybe could have been better, and it most certainly could have been worse, with Paris Saint-Germain out there despite Juve being one of the last group winners to hear its named called.

Now, originally, Juventus was one of the last clubs to hear its name called during the first draw. It came down to facing one of two clubs from the original list of six possible outcomes — Sporting or Paris Saint-Germain.

The second time around, though, Sporting was one of the first clubs off the board, getting drawn against Manchester City. Juventus, meanwhile, again had to wait, and it was a rather anticlimactic result, with Villarreal only eligible to play one team at the time it was picked out of the magical bowl.

Of course, all of the forthcoming debate about this being a favorable means very little if Juventus continues to do what its done the last couple of years and have the Champions League Round of 16 be the end of the line in European competition for that season. Maybe facing somebody from a country other than Portugal like originally thought will help, maybe it doesn’t even matter. As we know, these games are still a couple of months away, and it’s impossible to try and predict what state Juve will be in with how their form is at the moment.

As of this writing, the dates for the two round of 16 fixtures have not been announced.


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