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Report: Juan Cuadrado’s contract extension down to final details

Score goals, get nice prizes.

Juventus FC v ACF Fiorentina - Serie A Photo by Chris Ricco/Getty Images

It appears that Juan Cuadrado’s game-winning goal against Fiorentina isn’t the only good news for the Colombian to see happen over the weekend.

According to Italian sports journalist Nicolo Schira, Juventus and Cuadrado are close to completely agreeing to his much-expected contract extension that will see his current deal extended until 2024. While initial reports out of the Italian media had Cuadrado’s new deal only adding a year onto things and run through 2023 — most notably from Sky Italia’s Fabrizio Romano — there looks to be no hiccups or no reason to think this won’t happen in relatively short order and the 33-year-old winger will stay right where he is.

Essentially, this will be the opposite of the Paulo Dybala contract extension situation.

Considering the relatively smooth sailing that these contract negotiations with Cuadrado and Co. look to be from the outside, it’s rather ironic that the Italian media has previously reported that it will be concluded after Dybala’s long-standing talks finally come to a happy conclusion.

And you can’t really blame Juventus for wanting to keep him around, either.

As much as the club is in a transitionary period in which we all realize that the roster needs to get younger and turned over quite a bit, Cuadrado has shown that he continues to be one of the team’s more important players regardless of his age. While he’s not having the monster season that he did a year ago under Andrea Pirlo when he recorded a career-high 10 assists in league play, Cuadrado is still a valuable asset for Max Allegri to have. Be it as a fullback or in a more advanced role, Cuadrado has still very much been a consistent presence in the starting lineup under Allegri.

So now with a new contract expected in the relatively new future, maybe Johnny Square can start getting a few more assists in Serie A because he’s still sitting on a big zero through the first 12 games of the 2021-22 season.