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Reports: Juventus trying to secure Aaron Ramsey’s exit in January

Absence may make not make the heart grow fonder in this case.

Juventus Training Session Photo by Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

Out of all the names that look likely to leave Juventus either in January or next summer, Aaron Ramsey is surely at the very top of the list. Nearly 2 12 years after Ramsey headed away from Arsenal and made his way to his first club outside of the United Kingdom, it’s safe to say that Juve signing the Welshman just hasn’t worked out.

At all.

So that means that a move is bound to happen, right? Like, it has to, right?

Well, since we are in the final international break of 2021 and before the January transfer window arrives, it is only natural to speculate just what Ramsey might be up to when he does get his next chance to leave. Or, the next chance Juve get to part ways with Ramsey. That looks more and more like it could be in January, according to reports from the Italian media like Sky Sport Italia’s Fabrizio Romano earlier this week. Stating that Juve “are still planning to find a solution to sell Ramsey in January,” Romano gives us about as clear of a picture as we’ve gotten regarding what may be happening in a few weeks.

Basically, Ramsey’s time at Juventus looks more and more like it’s just limited to a few short months rather than expecting to see him still on the roster come the final weeks of the 2021-22 season. We don’t know what the “potential new challenge” is for the 30-year-old Ramsey, and at this point it doesn’t really matter. It seems pretty clear that both sides of the equation want to go their separate ways, and Juventus is preparing for both a sale and a contract termination if they can’t get somebody to take Ramsey’s big salary off its hands.

Ramsey continued his strong form for Wales this weekend with a pair of goals against Belarus on Saturday. That’s the kind of form that has never been replicated at the club level during his time in Turin with Juve.

Ramsey has yet to score a goal this season, appearing in five games in all competitions and playing all of 115 minutes total. Not exactly what you want out of a guy who’s making €7 million net a season.