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As a surprise to nobody, Federico Chiesa’s value is skyrocketing right now

And he’s not leaving, either! Bonus points!

Torino FC v Juventus - Serie A Photo by Matteo Bottanelli/NurPhoto via Getty Images

When Federico Chiesa takes the field against Roma this weekend, it will mark the one-year anniversary since the talented and charismatic Italian made his debut with Juventus. Considering how that debut went for Chiesa — you know, getting sent off against Crotone — we hope things go a little better than they did 12 months ago when Juve face Roma on Sunday night.

You know, a lot like what he’s done since that not-so-great debut.

Chiesa’s first season-plus at Juventus has certainly been one hell of a run, especially just what kind of massive step forward he’s taken since the calendar turned to 2021. It is that form that has seen Chiesa become a massively important player for both club and country, and a virtual lock to be in the discussion for the best Italian player going these days. There’s also this piece of information, too: Based on current valuations, Chiesa has become the most expensive Italian out there, with his value essentially doubling the transfer fee that’s set to be heading over to Fiorentina this coming summer, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

The reasoning behind it — besides Chiesa being really freakin’ good — is that you see Chiesa’s valuation by CIES, which is around €88 million, and then compare Chiesa to some of the other players who have gone for near-nine-figure deals the last couple of years, and Chiesa is probably just as good (if not better) than almost all of them.

Players like Jack Grealish, who moved to Manchester City this past summer for €117 million. Or Jadon Sancho, who went to the red side of Manchester for €85 million during the summer transfer window.

Essentially, Chiesa is running with his head down and looking to crush the soul of anybody in front of him toward a €100 million valuation — something that has never been spent on an Italian player before in the history of the game.

The good thing is that Juventus won’t have to pay €100 million for Chiesa when his initial two-year loan deal is over with and Federico Cherubini is more than happy to make it a permanent signing. Juventus has spent a total of €10 million this season and last on Chiesa’s loan fee, an absolute steal no matter how you look at it. At most, Juve will spend another €50 million on the transfer fee, with a €40 million fixed fee and another €10 million in bonuses.

That’s what you call a pretty good deal.

And with the way Chiesa is playing and just how important he is continuing to be no matter what position he plays in attack, that valuation will hit nine figures before too long. He’s a star in the making, if not already there. And he’s the best building block for the future that Juventus has right now — with his current-day product pretty good, too.