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Reports: Juve working in synergy with Benevento to acquire Bryan Reynolds

Time to get a little creative, it seems.

Columbus Crew SC v FC Dallas Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images

Juventus, according to everything that we’ve read in the Italian press over the last couple of weeks, want to make Bryan Reynolds the latest Texan to sign with the club. The problem is, in part because Juve signed an American a couple of months ago, they can’t sign another one this season.

That’s why Juventus will, according to two of Italy’s most reliable transfer reporters, has reached out for a little help in making this American acquisition take place.

According to Sky Sport Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio and Fabrizio Romano, Benevento is working in synergy with Juventus to make the Reynolds signing happen. Because Juve are out of non-EU spots on its roster after signing fellow American Weston McKennie and Brazilian midfielder Arthur over the summer, they aren’t able to sign Reynolds outright during the January transfer window. Which is why they’re working with Benevento, who will reportedly sign Reynolds on loan with an obligation to buy and then flip him to Juventus.

Basically, Reynolds will go to Benevento at first and spend the second half of the 2020-21 season playing for Pippo Inzaghi, per Di Marzio and Romano, and then sign with Juventus come the summertime.

From Di Marzio’s report:

Benevento is getting ready to welcome Bryan Reynolds, class of 2001 American fullback from Dallas, that arrives in synergy with Juventus. The player will become part of Inzaghi’s roster, and they’ll have the player available until the end of the season.

The bianconeri are unable to acquire him immediately because they do not have any open slots for non-EU players.

According to Romano’s report, Juventus has offered FC Dallas €7 million to sign Reynolds. And like we said, because he can’t join Juve right away, it will be a loan with an obligation to buy deal. FC Dallas has yet to formally accept the deal, but as you read above Benevento is “getting ready to welcome” the 19-year-old Reynolds relatively soon.

Benevento director of sport Pasquale Foggia had this to say about any kind of move for Reynolds prior to his club’s game against Atalanta on Saturday. (And, ouch, what a game that was for those who support Benevento. Atalanta is good again.)

“Andrea Pinamonti and Bryan Reynolds are two very interesting profiles, youngsters with prospects of the kind we like at this club.

“If you ask me is it a done deal, then I can’t say that. I will just confirm our great interest.”

(Source: Football Italia)

“Great interest” seems like a deal will get done with Juventus’ help. Seems like it’s only a matter of time at this point. And soon, hopefully, there will be another Texan making his way to Serie A.