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The Old Lady Speaks Podcast: Episode 32: Milan Rouge

The second game of 2021 brought us one of Juventus’ biggest wins of the season to date just when they needed it the most.

AC Milan v Juventus - Serie A Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

Two games into 2021 and two wins for Juventus. And not just two wins, but two pretty good wins — and obviously very, very valuable wins — at that.

So now Juventus has been able to get the deficit between themselves and league leaders AC Milan back into single digits rather than the alternative of having to look a 13-point hole right in the face.

You can probably figure out what dominated this discussion on this week’s podcast.

The usual quartet talked all things that came out of Wednesday night’s 3-1 win over Milan at the San Siro. The mood was rather joyful, although there was some understandable hesitation to go over the top about the win over the Serie A leaders simply because of how this season has gone to date. (And because of when we recorded it, we didn’t know that Matthijs de Ligt would become the latest Juventus player to test positive for COVID-19, so that is why there’s no mention of one of the most important defender they have right now being available for the immediate future. )

On this week’s episode of The Old Lady Speaks, we discuss:

  • So, how about that Federico Chiesa performance against Milan. eh?
  • So, how a1bout that Wojciech Szczesny performance against Milan, eh?
  • With two wins to start 2021, how much of this might come down to Andrea Pirlo’s system finally getting to stick?
  • Sergio would like to let you know something about how he feels about Milan fans’ behavior during the 2020-21 season to date. (And it’s not like we all objected
  • The wild Wednesday in Serie A basically characterizes what the Scudetto race is looking like right now. (There’s a lot of teams close to one another and not a lot of points separating them.)
  • No Twitter questions because the guy behind the BWRAO Twitter account forgot to ask for them. We’ll make sure he is disciplined because of it.

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