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Report: Parma interested in signing a handful of Juventus youngsters

Loan deals incoming?

SPAL v Juventus - Serie A Photo by Chris Ricco/Getty Images

While we await Juventus to offload some of their older, usually overpriced players that have probably been on the roster a year or two longer than they should have, there are also a select number of youngsters who still need a place to play. They’re not ready — if they will ever be — or at the level to play for Juventus, but clearly too good to be playing in Serie C with the Under-23 squad.

That means loan deals to smaller Serie A clubs.

And what do you know? Juventus’ recent working relationship with Parma could come in handy as the middle of September arrives.

According to a report from Sky Sport Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio on Friday night, Parma have asked about a handful of Juventus’ young players that are still on the roster. No, don’t worry, they don’t want DeJan Kulusevski back or anything like that. Parma, one of Serie A’s surprises last season before a late-season stumble to the finish, have reportedly checked in on the acquiring the services of Luca Pellegrini and Marko Pjaca as well as recently acquired striker Felix Correia and young midfielder Hans Nicolussi Caviglia. Pellegrini, at least for now, looks set to be a backup fullback on Andrea Pirlo’s squad and isn’t in contention to leave. The other three names — especially Correia and Caviglia are open for talks.

From Di Marzio’s report:

Important meeting in the last hours between Parma and Juventus , in which two young profiles were discussed: Felix Correia and especially Nicolussi Caviglia. The Gialloblù also asked the options for Pjaca and Luca Pellegrini , but at the moment there is little room for negotiation and the discussion has not been deepened.

Since it’s looking like Pellegrini is a non-factor in discussions with Parma and Pjaca is pretty much a wild card in terms of what he can actually offer to a club these days, let’s just go ahead and focus on Correia — who arrived from Manchester City earlier this summer — and Caviglia, the latter who was one of the many young names who got a little bit of run in Serie A thanks to Juventus having such a massive lead over the rest of the league on their way to Max Allegri’s fifth and final title in Turin.

Remember, he’s still just 20 years old after spending last season on loan with Perugia in Serie B. He was the “other” primavera product alongside Moise Kean who was called up for a large chunk of Juve’s games in the 2018-19 season. He didn’t play much, only a handful of minutes, but he’s already gotten minutes in Serie C with the Under-23 team and now a full season in Serie B. A move to Parma where he can truly test his skills makes a whole lot of snese.