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The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 14: #SarriOut

Over the course of this hour-long episode, we went from talking about Juventus’ former manager, not knowing who’s replacing him and then knowing who exactly will replace him. What a ride.

Juventus v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Stefano Guidi/Getty Images

From the time Juventus’ European adventure for the 2019-20 season ended and Napoli kicked off in Barcelona the next day Saturday night, it had been a wild 24-hour or so swing.

We were prepared to talk about Juve’s latest European stumble when we all went to sleep Friday night. Then Juventus began their Saturday afternoon with the announcement that Maurizio Sarri had been relieved of his duties as manager and the summer just got a whole lot more interesting than it already had been.

So, yeah, you can guess what dominated the topic of conversation.

But there’s a catch in all of this.

When we hit record, Juventus didn’t have a manager. By the time we stopped recording, Juventus were on the brink of hiring Andrea Pirlo and setting things back into complete chaos just a few short hours after the Sarri announcement was released.

What am I getting at? As we recorded, the Pirlo hiring was basically going down. And, luckily for us, we were able to talk about it when we were still on Zoom. (Sorry, but no Twitter questions this week for VERY OBVIOUS REASONS.)

Basically, the discussion that myself (Danny), Sam, Chuks and Sergio (on location at a family wedding hence the background noise at times) went as such:

  • Our reaction to Maurizio Sarri being fired by Juventus.
  • Who we think would be a good fit to take over at Juventus.
  • Oh, right. Juventus’ elimination from the Champions League against Lyon.
  • Oh, right. That penalty call that put Juve down 2-0 on aggregate.
  • A good, old-fashioned Chuks rant on VAR.

As we know, those reports quickly became an OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL thread on this here website. All of this happening, really, within 45 minutes of us hitting record on what was an action-packed Saturday that we haven’t seen before in a long time. What a whirlwind.

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