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Here’s where you can order the 2020/21 Juventus kits!

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With the lockdown taking place, everything that is considered normal operating procedure has been pushed back to usual dates we’ve never really seen before. In a “normal” season, Juventus would be preparing for the first weekend of the Serie A season right now, not just a few days separated from celebrating another Scudetto.

That make sense?

It also means that the debut of the home and away kits that Juventus will wear next season took place in August rather than the late spring.

But they’re here. And they’re looking quite pretty.

Friday saw Juve’s away kit for the 2020-21 season be released. That goes with the release of the new, return-of-the-stripes home jersey that we saw the team wear in their 2019-20 Serie A finale against Roma this past weekend. Both of them, as you can probably guess, were always going to be highly anticipated based on how much of a radical shift the club went with when they decided on what to do for the season that has just been wrapped up.

SB Nation and Fanatics have partnered to bring you all of your Juventus kit needs. Get your Cristiano Roanldo kit. Get your Paulo Dybala kit. Whatever you want. Just know that when it comes to the 2020-21 season, Juventus will be doing it in stripes again.