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The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 13: The Champioooooons!

Bye bye, Serie A. Hello again, Champions League!

Lyon V Juventus Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

Serie A is over now. It’s time to jump back into Europe and see just how much Juventus can shed its so-so form over the last two months and potentially make a run in Portugal.

They have to get to Portugal first, though.

And that’s the obvious focus for the latest edition of your favorite Juventus podcast as the usual back four of Danny (me!), Sam, Sergio and the newest YouTube sensation who goes by the name of Chuks focused on the upcoming Champions League Round of 16 tie between Juventus and Lyon on Friday night in Turin. Juventus, who closed the Serie A season with two straight losses after clinching their ninth straight Scudetto, have to try and flip a 1-0 deficit following the first leg in France all the way back in February.

On this week’s episode of The Old Lady Speaks, we discuss:

  • How we’re feeling entering Friday night’s showdown with Lyon.
  • Expectations if Juventus do advance to the final eight in Portugal.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo and the Champions League at Juventus.
  • Just how to perceive the Champions League this season knowing just how screwy the pandemic and three-month shutdown has made everything.
  • You Twitter questions! (And Chuks plugging his newest venture...)

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