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Report: Juventus is trying to bring Moise Kean back to Turin

/pulls up chair, gets incredibly intrigued

FBL-EUR-C1-JUVENTUS-AJAX Photo credit should read ISABELLA BONOTTO/AFP via Getty Images

When Juventus announced that they had sold Moise Kean to Everton last summer, it was nothing but disappointment. Sure, the transaction was a nice little influx of cash during a time when they had just spent on a whole bunch of money on the best young defender in Europe a few weeks earlier, but it was also the willingness to let go of one of the few major talents to come out of the youth sector over the last decade (or more) right when it looked like he was about to blow up.

Nearly 13 months after that departure, we could be seeing a return.

Seriously. This might become a thing.

According to a report from La Gazzetta dello Sport over the weekend, Juventus and Everton are in negotiations that could see Kean, now 20 years old, return to the same club that sold him just over a year ago. As La Gazzetta lays out, there are two roads for this deal to potentially get done: the first being a two-year loan deal back at Juve for Kean, with the second being one where he is part of a swap deal with Aaron Ramsey, a player who is obviously no lock to begin the season on the Italian champions’ roster.

La Gazzetta’s report goes as far as to say that Kean is “very close to returning to Juventus.”

If that actually turns out to be true remains to be seen. (The Liverpool Echo reported over the weekend that our old buddy and current Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti doesn’t plan on letting go of Kean this summer.

But, when it comes to all of the strikers that Juventus has been linked to over the course of the last couple of weeks, this might be the most interesting option of the bunch.

And not just because he’s still incredibly young as compared to dudes who are well into their 30s like Edin Dzeko and Luis Suarez.

There is no denying that Kean — who joined Everton for €27.5 million last summer — had a tough first season in the English Premier League. He started all of six Premier League games last season for Everton, all of one more than he did during his first season back at Juventus. He scored all of two goals and added two assists. Much of the talk around Kean’s first season at Everton involved why he wasn’t on the field rather than what he was doing on it simply because he played all of 896 minutes the entire year.

A return to Juventus would be something that, in theory, could see the youngster’s confidence come back seeing as it’s probably the place he wanted to be all along. It was too long before the business of last summer took place that we thought Kean was ready to sign a contract extension for almost the same length as Paulo Dybala might agree to soon. That obviously never happened, and he was instead leaving the club just a few months later.

Maybe this will happen, maybe it won’t.

But when it comes to even entertaining the thought of Kean coming back to Juventus and rekindling some of that magic from the early months of 2019, it’s reason to dance like only Moise can.