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Report: Juventus decide to terminate contracts of Gonzalo Higuain, Sami Khedira


Atletico Madrid v Juventus: Group D - UEFA Champions League Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images

When it comes to what Juventus’ roster may look like next season, that is still something that’s very much an uncertainty right now. But as we storm toward September and the official opening of the transfer window, just who might not be part of the squad come next month’s 2020-21 season opener is becoming a little more clearer.

That is even more of the case Friday.

According to Fabrizio Romano of Sky Sport Italia, Juventus has made their decision on the Sami Khedira and Gonzalo Higuain front. It involves what looks like was going to be the most likely outcome in this situation, with Juventus terminating the contracts of both Khedira and Higuain after new manager Andrea Pirlo has decided that neither player is part of his project this coming season. The only thing that is left for Juventus to do, according to Romano’s report, is to agree to the buyout for both players since they still technically have contracts with the club until 2021.

Translation: Will Khedira and Higuain get a big pay day — you know, something close to the salaries they would have earned next season — or a sum that is on the smaller side?

Of course, just how much those respective buyouts might be is the sticking point in all of this. We heard just a few days back that both Khedira and Higuain weren’t so keen on terminating their contracts because they are on such nice salaries. (Well, nice for them, probably not as nice for Juve seeing as how things are going.)


Because Khedira makes €6 million net a season.

Because Higuain makes €7.5 million net a season.

Just how much said buyouts would be worth seems like it is the key to this getting done. If it is financial terms that Khedira and Higuain want to ensure since they would be leaving money on the table if their buyouts aren’t what their salaries for next season would be. And as much as the Balise Matuidi negotiations on a buyout seemed rather simple because he already had a new destination waiting for him, that might not be so easy now.