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The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 15: Pirlolandia

The dust has settled on Juventus’ newest managerial hire. Now we’re able to have some coherent thoughts about it.

Juventus Unveils Andrea Pirlo As New U23 Team Coach Photo by Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

The best thing about this podcast recording was that Juventus didn’t break any news right as we were trying to head into the final part of the episode.

Thank you for that, Juventus.

But, as you can probably guess, the main topic of conversation this week was just what we ended the podcast with last week — Pirlo becoming the man who replaces Maurizio Sarri.

We’re now more than a week removed from the wild 24 hours where we saw Juventus dumped out of the Champions League, Sarri subsequently losing his job and then Pirlo getting promoted from the Under-23 squad in one of the most surprising moves Andrea Agnelli has made in his tenure as club president. And unlike in last week’s episode where the news was breaking as we were recording, the usual crew of myself (Danny), Sam, Sergio and Mr. Chuks were able to discuss the Pirlo hire without having our minds completely blown.

So, topics of discussion on Episode 15 of The Old Lady Speaks include:

  • Actual, coherent thoughts on Juventus hiring Andrea Pirlo as the man to replace Maurizio Sarri as manager. (We thought this would be useful seeing as some of our thoughts on the last pod when the news about Pirlo was breaking were more of just complete shock.)
  • What might a goal celebration from Andrea Pirlo the manager look like?
  • What kind of coach do we think Andrea Pirlo might be.
  • Chuks shamelessly plugging his book again.
  • What can the rumored hires on Pirlo’s coaching staff potentially tells us about how he might want his Juventus side to play?
  • And, as we missed out on last week because of the Pirlo news breaking as we recorded, the return of your Twitter questions.

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