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Paulo Dybala’s agent shoots down latest round of transfer rumors

Bringing the extendo clips!!

Paulo Dybala of Juventus FC during the Uefa Champions... Photo by Marco Canoniero/LightRocket via Getty Images

We have been greeted with fresh rumors about Paulo Dybala maybe leaving Juventus over the last few days. Because of those rumors — which, at this point, they are only that from not very reliable sources and thus the reason why there hasn’t been much about them here — and the contract extension that was supposed to happen but hasn’t yet, times are interesting in more ways than one.

Rumor here, rumor there. Every day that passes with no contract extension means another rumor about why it hasn’t happened yet. It’s all just a stupid, stupid cycle right now that has suddenly caused another summer of uncertainty for one of Juventus’ best players.

Dybala’s agent, Jorge Antun, had something to say about all of this on Tuesday.And if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t want to see Dybala leave, then you’re going to like what he had to say.

From the mouth of the man who represents Juve’s No. 10:

“I have read rumors in the newspapers these days that are completely false. Paulo Dybala is a Juventus player and happy to be one. We work with the club to renew his contract with our usual preparation.”

(Source: Football Italia)


No need to say more.

You want to be short and sweet with a denial about what’s rumored to be going on with your client, this is how you do it.

The catch is, though, is this really the case? Or could Dybala actually be leaving this summer and they just don’t want it to be a thing just a few days before the 26-year-old Argentine is set to return from vacationing with Rodrigo Bentancur and Rodrigo De Paul and settle back into life back in Turin.

But, let’s just assume that this is going to be like last summer: Dybala wants to stay, and that Juventus might — although hopefully not — be considering some kind of sale.

A lot of the rumors are stemming from the fact that Juve and Dybala haven’t signed the much-anticipated contract extension yet and the fact that the club might not be willing to totally meet the salary demands that he might want. Obviously, Dybala signing a contract extension was something we figured would happen months ago. Maybe once the club got back to training ... then that didn’t happen. Maybe it was when Dybala’s agent could travel to Italy once some travel restrictions were lifted ... but that hasn’t happened. Maybe Dybala wants to be the second-highest paid player on the team behind Cristiano Ronaldo ... but we don’t know for sure.

No contract extension no matter why.

And there you have your basis for rumors to start back up again.

But, as is the point of all of this, Dybala’s agent has denied that his client wants to leave Juventus. He didn’t want to leave Juve when the club was close to selling him to Manchester United and then Tottenham. And, as his agent has said, Dybala wants to stay now even as the Italian press is stirring things up again and we’re left to stress a little bit more than we would have liked.

Maybe a little less now, but there’s still some stressin’ going on.