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The biggest summer boost for Juventus Women? Roster continuity.

The more things change around them, not much has actually changed for the reigning champs.

Juventus Women Training Session Photo by Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

All around Serie A Femminile, there are roster changes happening. Players who have been important parts of some of the top title contenders are leaving, some going to other countries as Italy continues to leave a lot be desired as we await for the official arrival of professionalism in the country.

That is, leaving clubs not named Juventus.

In fact, you don’t have to do all that much digging to figure out the number of players who have left Juventus Women this summer.

That’s only because there’s two of them, Aleksandra Sikora and Michela Franco, announced by the club as they returned to training this week in preparation for the start of the 2020-21 season in late August. And Sikora’s roster spot at fullback has already been filled with the lone summer signing, Matilde Lundorf from Brighton & Hove Albion in England.

Other than that, it’s the same names. As other rosters change, Juventus Women’s is pretty much the same. Most of the business the club’s front office has been doing lately has to do with locking up some of their more recent arrivals to contract extension through the upcoming season or securing loan deals for young players that certainly won’t see much playing time if they were to graduate from the youth sector to the first team. (Remember, there is a salary cap of around €800,000 in terms of each club’s payroll — effectively €30,000 a player — since Serie A Femminile players are not considered full-time professionals.)

And knowing that there is so much uncertainty in these post-coronavirus transfer windows — especially this current one that is open for the women’s game — the more consistency that your club can have and the less of a pressing need to spend money you might have thought would be there a few months ago before the shutdown in March, the better. That is certainly true for those who are reporting to the Vinovo training grounds these days.

Think about it like this: As Fiorentina has seen its hometown hero and club captain Alia Guagni go to Atlético Madrid because she wanted to get paid what she deserves and as AC Milan has seen some important players depart because contracts weren’t renewed, Juventus Women will have its same starting lineup from this past season intact come September.

Every. Single. One. All 11 of them.

Obviously the fact that Rita Guarino has the most talented squad in Serie A Femminile and that is the reason why Juve will be looking to make it four Scudetti in four seasons of existence when the 2020-21 campaign in a couple of months. But it also helps Juventus Women’s fourth-year manager that the same core that was there when she first took the job is still here now. There have been plenty of players who have come and gone over the last three years, but Juve’s most important players — and, unlike the men, a very talented Italian core — have been a constant since their first season in Turin in 2017.

The rapport is there. The ideas that Guarino has implemented aren’t new.

This core has helped Juventus Women win three out of the last three Serie A Femminile titles, and it is the reason why they’re the easy pick to win a fourth straight Scudetto. And if there happens to be a much friendlier draw in the Champions League this season as compared to last year, then advancement on the European stage is very much a possibility. The front office have realistic goals in terms of where the club may stand in terms of Europe and don’t want to get too far ahead of themselves and push Champions League success early in the women’s program’s existence, but doing well on the European stage will certainly be another sign that the momentum is going only one way — forward.

Maybe if there wasn’t the coronavirus pandemic and the FIGC actually had professionalism go into effect this summer rather than in 2022 there would be a big signing or two coming out of Juventus Women’s corner of the Serie A Femminile market.

For right now, though, consistency is the key — when it comes to who is on the roster as well as winning league title after league title. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that.