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Report: Paul Pogba likely to stay at Manchester United this summer

2020 once again screws up our best hopes.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Visionhaus

Juventus trying to bring back Paul Pogba was never going to be easy under “regular” circumstances. There would likely be multiple teams with massive bags of cash accompanying them, and regardless of what we want Juve to do, that doesn’t always work out in our preferred outcome.

Then coronavirus happened.

And now it seems like it might have knocked Juve’s chances of signing Pogba out completely.

That is, at least, according to The Sun in England on Friday morning. And it makes a whole lot of sense, too: Pogba wanted to leave Manchester United this summer, but the fact that the transfer market is likely going to look like something we’ve never really seen before because of the financial impact following the coronavirus outbreak, the likelihood of a big-money move just ain’t looking possible. That’s the current line of thinking, with previous reporting saying that a couple of Pogba’s other possible destinations — Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain — were pretty much going to sit this one out because United’s demands won’t meet what the current economy is telling them, thus making Juventus the favorites to sign the French midfielder.

So there’s that then. Maybe. I don’t know. This upcoming transfer window is going to be so hard to predict what is actually possible under the current circumstances — well, it’s not like a usual transfer market is predictable — that many big names that might have been on the market might not be moving because of the economic constraints clubs now find themselves in.

And thus, Pogba has come to the realization, according to The Sun, that his move away from Manchester United will have to wait at least one more season.

As The Sun goes on to say, Pogba’s been impressing in training since United reported back to camp following games being suspended. The Premier League is scheduled to restart play the same weekend that Serie A resumes games, for whatever it’s worth. Or, as a photo caption on The Sun’s website said: “Paul Pogba looks sharper than ever after accepting coronavirus has wrecked his hopes of a summer transfer,” So there’s that, everybody.