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Marchisio: ‘I couldn’t betray Juventus’

Il Principino has been speaking about his departure from Juve

FBL-EUR-C1-JUVENTUS Photo credit should read MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP via Getty Images

Juventus fan favorite Claudio Marchisio has retired from the game of football, but remains close to the hearts of fans worldwide. Speaking on Instagram (via FootballItalia) recently, the 34-year-old was asked about his surprise move to Russia where he played for Zenit St. Petersburg before eventually hanging up his boots.

“I couldn’t stay in Serie A, I couldn’t betray Juventus. That was the main reason. It wasn’t only for what Juve and their fans gave me, but also for what I’d experienced with them.

“It must also be said that within me there had always been a desire to try my luck abroad. It was an experience for my whole family, my children who go to school, my wife. My wife had no friends who could visit her at home. She didn’t speak Russian.

“In the team I spoke English and a bit of Spanish because there were so many Argentines, but it was easier on the pitch: we spoke with our feet and head.”

Marchisio only featured 15 times before deciding to call it quits and return home, struggling with the same injuries that plagued his career with the Bianconeri, the only club he had ever played for since his youth.

There had been a three-way battle for the Scudetto before the coronavirus pandemic halted proceedings, but now that football is about to resume in a couple of weeks, the midfielder was also asked on his thoughts on the safety regulations that are going to be enforced.

“It’ll be interesting to see the first few games, to see what these teams will be like. For us too, for the pleasure of watching this sport, playing in the evening can only improve the quality of the players’ performances.

“I’ve seen the Bundesliga: they had very little time to prepare and the games were very slow. Now the levels are increasing. I think it’ll be a bit different here. The start will be gradual, even if several players have already picked up injuries.

“It’ll be necessary for players to pace themselves during this phase of preparation. Whoever has the biggest squad will be able to manage it best.”